We are Frankfort. We are a buzzing network of friends and partners who pulled together to do something crazy: build a radio station. Why? Because we love this place. We love these people: artisans, businesses and creators whose energy soaks the streets of our town. We love this land, what we learn from it and how it shapes us. We love the air, and we want to tap its waves to reinforce the bonds we have with this town: to teach, grow, strengthen and build our community. We are Frankfort: Radio Free Frankfort.


Radio Free Frankfort is a nonprofit that strengthens and connects our community, supports economic development, promotes mentorship- and stewardship-based education and exposure to technology, sustainability, media and arts.


An independent, innovative and inclusive medium, organization and workplace representing all members of Kentucky’s capital and surrounding community -- a harmony of disparate voices blurring the line between diverse listeners and contributors, all of whom employ open-source technology, utilize sustainable practices, and foster democratic and artistic self-expression to educate, advocate, and amplify a call for economic and ethical progress that elevates individuals.