We provide listeners with facts, whether in local news stories or proper credits to contributors in recognition of them freely producing work for our organization. We also don’t stop at facts – we use accurate information to produce coherent and interesting stories and other media that convey the deeper truth about our community, its issues and what it has to offer.


We’re active and quickly responsive in our community by solving pressing problems, reporting developing events, and promoting the music, art, and other media that listeners are requesting and contributors are making every day.


We serve Kentucky’s capital and its surrounding community – a group of individuals that in turn provides us with workers, content, inspiration, and a home.


We encourage citizens, musicians, academics, students, journalists, and others to use our organization to share what excites, concerns, and inspires them. Through our publicly accessible medium, we give them a venue to broadcast their best work and ideas.


We’re not beholden to profit or the unceasing, mindless thirst for listeners and boilerplate content that often accompanies it. We focus on our community, and are only dedicated to serve the very same people who make us great.

We accept ideas and effort from a wide variety of community members, and the spectrum of our content reflects the diversity of our workplace and contributors.


We view open-source technology as a democratizing force that returns power to the citizenry and finally gives the marginalized a method to speak as loudly as the powerful.


We promote universal access to technology, but not at the expense of our environment. Our contributors refuse to participate in a disposable society, instead using responsible methods in their effort to convey the importance of stewardship for our world.


We do it ourselves – and by ourselves, we mean the many talented, knowledgeable, and wonky community members who fuel us and keep us on the air and serving our communities.


We seek excellence, but neither for money nor fame. We value most inspiring art, creative solutions, and positive recognition from the people we serve and who serve us. They don't have to pay to listen to our station or to contribute to our organization, and they don't even have to hear ads.

We run this organization because we value the existence of an independent and inclusive medium and organization that eschews profit in pursuit of artistic excellence and social change.

But we also enjoy what we do every day, understanding that the best communities are comprised of those who value working together.